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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Summary of the Video about the Elegant Universe


Brian Greene from the University of Colombia describes the Elegant of the Universe in terms of dimensions. He said that everything in the universe is made of one strand and strands make consistence of nature. Different scientists from different universities have been explaining what they discover on how the universe works, these scientists include Isaac Newton. Albert Estein and Niels Bohr

Greene explains that Unification is the law that describe everything from the one equation. Like the law of gravity, which was discovered by Isaac Newton it is the first law to be understood scientifically.

250 000 years ago Newton also discover that nothing travels faster than light. He was comparing the speed of light and the gravity.
Another scientist by the name Maxwell established the relationship between Electro-magnetism. It is amazing to know that everything has to do with magnet and electricity and electromagnetic is stronger than gravity. Four equations were derived to form one equation which is electromagnetism, gravity and sting.

In 1920s Quantum mechanics was introduced which was introduced by a dice proving that the world is a place of chance and this is were we started to hear about atoms, protons and electrons.
Gravity and electromagnetism were the only forces which were strong and debate arose between these forces in1933s. Physics has two priorities, the first one is studying large things like stars and galaxy and the second is about studying tiny particles like atoms and protons.

It took a lot of time and effort for scientists to prove the sting theory. Steve Weinburg hoped that one day he will come up with the theory that explains everything. The theory that can hold both large and tiny particles and quantum mechanics without collapsing. Gabriel Veneziano, a scientist who accidentally discovered the sting’s equation in 1968.

It took many years for this theory to be discovered up until in 1985 where the sting theory has been successful and it was proved to be the theory of everything.


The whole video is showing that scientists are tying their best to describe the universe but in most of the ways they took they just remain with at a dead end. It is hard for them to prove the theories, and until the theory is proved nothing can be concluded.

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