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Friday, April 21, 2006


Since the early 1960s and 1970s many scientists from Russia and United States of America we both trying to go to the moon and they were failing. Some of the scientists even died along the way. Apollo is the machine they were using on their attempts to go to the moon. From Apollo one up to ten they were failing until in 1968 when Apollo 11 from the USA managed to reach the moon. That is were everyone was introduced to Neil Armstrong who is the first man to go to the moon. There is a great debate going on about the landing on the moon story. Some people think that we did not go to the moon and some believe that we did. There are some strong points which prove that we did not go and there are still other points which are defending that we did. All the evidence is collected from the videos watched and the notes collected from the websites provided.

The evidence which shows that we did go is that there was a strong competition between the Russians and the Americans about who will get to the moon first and the Russians were failing so if the Americans were faking the story the Russians as their major oppositions would have proved them wrong a long time ago. The people who went to the moon came back with a bag of the lunar rocks weighing 84 pounds which they collected from the moon and those rocks were so different from the rocks found here on earth. The rocks found on the moon have no water trapped in their crystal structure and rocks found here on earth contain substances such as minerals that are totally absent in moon rocks.

The hoax believers defended themselves by several reasons including photos taken by the astronauts from the moon that do not contain stars in the dark lunar sky and there is a temperature of about 250 degree Celsius where the camera can melt at this temperature so how did they managed to take a photo at that temperature, there is no breeze in the moon and the USA flag was seen bending and ripping in the video how is that possible? Lunar dust was going up and down in the video how that is possible because there is no gravity in the moon. The whole story was faked in the Nervada desert. According to the hoax believers National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) did not have the technical capability of going to the moon, but they forced to fake everything because of the pressure which they were given by the Cold War with the Soviet Union.

According to my opinion I dont think that neither the space-craft nor men landed on the moon. The astronauts were interviewed and most of them refused to testify, though there are few who did testify what was not convincing is that Neil Armstrong himself also refuse to testify. I think what was standing on their way to reach the moon was the reason that they have to travel through the Van Allen Radiation Belts. The micrometeoroids would have pierced them on their way to or from the moon. If they really went to the moon I think they could have found another things to come back with not only rocks the evidence is not good enough. Besides looking at the video and reading the information from the websites I just tried to look around the world itself and I can see that the technology is improving every now and then and if this story was true I think people could be visiting the moon everyday. I know it could cost a fortune but people could strive to go to the moon. But it looks like since Neil Armstrong no one has ever gone to the moon.

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